Behind the Comic: Adventure Cats


Adventuring avocados and twirling tuna! We couldn't be more excited about this pawsome new comic, and we can't wait to tell you more about it, so here we go! At Style Engineers Worldwide, we believe in doing as much as we can to make the world a better place — for both people and animals. That's why we partnered with our furiends at the rad organization Adventure Cats to create this comic to help celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Cat month.  

About Adventure Cats

Image/Adventure Cats - logo

Image/Adventure Cats - logo

Adventure Cats is a website, book, and community devoted to dispelling negative stereotypes about cats and cat owners. It also educates people on how to safely enjoy the outdoors with their kitty pals. Adventure Cats was founded by writer Laura J. Moss and creative director Cody Wellons in Atlanta, Georgia when they realized there was no resource for people who wanted to learn about adventuring with their feline friends. Adventure Cats started as an idea and now has a following of over 300K on social media. How ameowzing is that?!   

Find Adventure Cats on the web and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be sure to check out the Adventure Cats book, too!

Image/Adventure Cats - Laura Moss and Cody Wellons

Image/Adventure Cats - Laura Moss and Cody Wellons

Image/Adventure Cats - Sirius Black the cat

Image/Adventure Cats - Sirius Black the cat

About Hedy Lamarr

Well, of course, Danni would name her rescue kitty after an amazing woman in STEM. That's right, Hedy Lamarr was both an actress and an inventor. In 1942, Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil patented their frequency hopping technology that modern day communications tools (like the GPS on the backpack Danni is making for kitty Hedy Lamarr) uses. We love that Hedy Lamarr wasn't only a compelling actress but also an amazing inventor. Like Adventure Cats, Style Engineers Worldwide is all about defying stereotypes, and Hedy Lamarr did just that!

Check out this video from PBS about Hedy Lamarr and her contributions to science:

Video/PBS NewsHour

Image/Lyra, a rescue cat from  Annenberg PetSpace

Image/Lyra, a rescue cat from Annenberg PetSpace

About Adopting A Rescue Cat 

The ASPCA estimates that 3.2 million cats enter shelters each year in the United States. That is a lot of kitties who need your help. When you adopt a cat, it actually saves two lives. You’ve just saved your BFF by adopting her and helped out the kitty who is able to take your cat’s place at the rescue center.  

So, if you are looking for a new pet, adopt a shelter kitty! If you're unable to adopt a cat of your own, consider volunteering your time at a local rescue. Petfinder has some other great tips about how you can help shelter kitties during Adopt a Shelter Cat month and year-round!

Also, be sure to share this post to spread the word about #AdoptACatMonth and send us photos of your cats on Twitter!