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This is high fashion. tech. school. stakes.


About the books


In VOLUME 1: DOCTOR TAILOR, the first installment of the series, Tilly receives a message from her mother, a respected scientist whose mysterious disappearance years before wreaked havoc on Tilly’s high-profile family. Determined to find her mom, Tilly’s investigations lead her right into the bizarre web of The Hatter, a menacing, mysterious, and unpredictable villain with even more secrets than Tilly had bargained for - some of them world-altering.  Helped by her best friends, a brand new boyfriend, and the global members of The SEWing Circle, Tilly travels to Italy to take down The Hatter, the first step in The SEWing Circle's fight against the use of technology for evil.  


When Baz finds himself sick and in Valley Cove Hospital, Tilly and the SEWing Circle try to cheer him up the best way they can: with innovation and even some fashion. New Circle member Raleigh, a cancer survivor with a prosthetic arm, Southern drawl, and gift for storytelling, also helps Baz come to terms with his illness. In VOLUME 2: MAKING, HELPING, HEALING, the gang discovers that they can help not only Baz, but sick kids worldwide as they make new wearables, help the hospital with its makerspace, and heal together.


Hope is a critically endangered black rhino. Chainsaw is a notorious poacher. Nataana is a SEWing Circle member in Tanzania who will do anything to protect Hope and stop Chainsaw. VOLUME 3: SAVING HOPE takes us from Valley Cove to the Serengeti where Tilly's eyes are opened to the global crisis of poaching as she, Chloe, and Danni assist Nataana in completing and deploying her anti-poaching drone system before it's too late.


About the author

Kristen O. Bobst is an LA-based writer and a graduate of USC’s Writing for Screen and Television MFA program. She's written educational apps for kids and reports on space exploration for a variety of websites. She is a whimsy aficionado and a fan of gadgets, animals, and all things geeky.


About the illustrator

Sonia Liao is an illustrator and comic artist based in Westford, Massachusetts. She graduated with her BFA in Illustration from MICA in 2014 before returning to New England and interning at Fablevision Studios. She's done narrative work for children's and young adult media. Her hobbies include watching crime procedurals, DC television shows, and reading. She is a huge nerd.


About the publisher

Global Tinker is a transmedia production company that aims to inspire young minds through critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.