Deaf Dancer Chris Fonseca uses Wearable Tech SUBPAC to Beat a Bleep Test

Image/Chris Fonesca

Image/Chris Fonesca

Chris Fonseca, a London-based dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher, has been deaf since childhood — and he's been dancing nearly just as long. His fresh moves have attracted the attention of major brands; Chris has starred in ads for Smirnoff and in music videos for Donae'o. He also teaches dance workshops and does live performances. 

Learn about Chris's process as a deaf dancer here:





Chris sometimes uses a wearable created by audio tech company SUBPAC to aid in his feeling of dance music. SUBPAC is a backpack that enhances the user's experience of sound through stimuli felt in the skin, muscles, and bones —  creating an immersive experience. 

This video explains the impressive tech that makes SUBPAC work:


Recently, MTV and the UK's Year of Engineering joined forces with SUBPAC to challenge Chris to a bleep-test. A bleep-test, for the uninitiated, is a fitness test that builds in difficulty with each stage. Chris' test involves dancing to four increasingly difficult musical tracks.

Watch Chris crush the bleep-test here: 

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